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BIC is a world-leading family company in the sale of stationery, lighters, shaving and promotional products listed on the Paris stock Exchange. For more than 60 years BIC has honored the tradition of providing high quality, simple, ingenious and trusted options for all, anytime and anywhere.


SEAT, S.A. is a Spanish automobile company founded by the extinct National Institute of Industry on May 9, 1950.

In 1986 the German group Volkswagen acquires a majority shareholding of the company, and today it is a subsidiary belonging to this one together with other companies.


At Monolitic we specialize in products and solutions for a wide variety of sectors of the industrial environment. Our most outstanding product lines are: Visualization, electronic components, industrial systems and industrial communications.

Our mission: To achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in our work.


The Baix Llobregat Business Center is the area of economic promotion of the municipal company of social, urban and economic promotion of Cornellà de Llobregat (Procornella), which aims to create and maintain occupation through the promotion of the spirit Entrepreneurial and innovative and support to the creation and consolidation of companies in Cornellà de Llobregat.


Neutral Point is a startup that was born in May 2013 with a clear objective: to ensure and facilitate the exchange of information and documents that are carried out by digital media.
Our certified digital communications platform, designed with the most innovative security mechanisms and data encryption, which includes several services that are very useful for the user.


Vygon is a company created in 1962, which designs, manufactures, bags, sterilizes and commercializes disposable medical devices. Vygon employs 1.770 people on eight floors worldwide, producing 200 million of devices by 25 subsidiaries and 79 distributors in 119 countries to meet more than 4.000 customers.


JCM Technologies was founded in the year 1983, in a few years leading the Spanish market.
The year 1991 began its internationalization process, opening commercial subsidiaries to France and Germany.
Currently JCM Technolgies is ranked among the most recognized brands in Europe, with presence in more than 40 countries.


Calaf Constructora was founded in 1964 in Calaf (Barcelona). It is a family business with a trajectory of more than fifty years and six generations linked to the world of the construction.
Company linked to the territory, committed to the environment and quality in execution, with a strong technological commitment in all its projects.


The company inaugurated its first establishment in 1983, becoming one of the main hotel chains of our country in a few years.

Currently the company has 68 establishments located in 21 different destinations: 56 hotels in Spain, two in Brussels, one in Berlin, 8 resorts in the Caribbean area and a hotel in the city of Santo Domingo.


It is a reading device capable of converting any text document, in electronic format and in any language, to the Braille code.
The big difference that BraiBook has with respect to other devices is its passive reading system.
This system is to be able to read Braille from a single cell.
No need to move your finger over the text.


The Spanish lamination Company (CELSA) is a family-owned Catalan steel company belonging to the Rubiralta family.

It was founded on 1967 and is headquartered in Castellbisbal.

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On highways we work for our clients to enjoy their trips. We believe in a different way of doing things, we manage infrastructures based on the principles of commitment, responsibility, equipment, proximity and efficiency. We create experiences by providing terms of road safety and innovation.


The Club swimming is a private sports centre of the city of Barcelona, founded on the 1907 highlighting mainly in swimming and water polo, with nineteen titles, a European Cup, two Len cups, eight cups of the king and three Catalan leagues. With facilities in the district of La Barceloneta to play from the beach has sections of swimming, water polo, jumps, sailing, among others.


SmartMonkey is an artificial intelligence Startup, which allows to perform intelligent logistics.
How long are you going to lose today by calculating shipping routes?




Rational pixels, RPx, is a new non-disruptive AD format for online videos. Our new advertising format incorporates a brand within a video as if it were there when the video was originally recorded.
We allow the creation of new advertising spaces within a video after it has been filmed. These advertising spaces are full of programmatic advertising in real time.