1. Feasibility design 2. Validation of the alliance 3. Accelerated implementation of the alliance

The program begins in May and ends in November.

Only 10 challenges are involved with 1 high-impact project. A total of 20 companies: 10 start-ups with 10 companies, which fulfill the requested requirements.

Bonus program with more than 50% of the cost, thanks to the part subsidized by ACCIÓ and our sponsors.

On the part of the Start ups, a contribution of social capital is not necessary.

Get this high impact alliance.


Establishment of the strategic partnership Corporate- Startup

Objectives: Exploration of business opportunities and synergies.

Concepts: Analysis, business model, high impact alliances, processes and validation in alliances.

Output: Identify the pains of the beneficiary companies. Define the best type of alliance, its joint business model and the best possible road map with high impact Start-up-company.


Validation of the alliance with the real market

Objectives: Elaboration of the contractural framework and its governance.

Concepts: Validation, contractual framework.

Output: Approach to the corporate, framework of collaboration and formalization of the alliance.


Implement the partnership and accelerate the common project

Objectives: High impact pilot execution with the tangible results of the Start-up-company collaboration.

Output: Successful collaboration, with measurable results at the end of the program.

Tools offered by the program to beneficiary companies:



Program coordinators


Tested methodology!