BIC is a world-leading family company in the sale of stationary, lighters, shaving and promotional products listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. For more than 60 years BIC has honoured the tradition of providing high quality, simple, ingenious and trusted options for all, anytime and anywhere

Project objectives:

  • The objective is to identify innovations related to all aspects of the colouring activity: Pencils, markers
  • New experiences in coloration, with different materials and technologies
  • The processes of conception and deployment of coloring sheets
  • New practices capable of generating the same activity
  • New business models in interaction with the customer or the user

The relevant companies could then:

  • Sell your product to BIC and become its supplier
  • Create a partnership with BIC (Technology, co-development)
  • Receive a BIC investment

The timeline of our history shows how BIC grew, from its humble beginnings, to becoming the emblematic brand that it is today. With the passion of being part of the daily life of millions of consumers, BIC continues to manufacture simple, creative, trusted and for everyone’s products everywhere.

  • Lighters: 703.9 million euros l 35%
  • Shavers: €454.4 million L 22%
  • Other products: €70.2 million L 4%
  • 32 million BIC ® products are purchased every day worldwide
  • 20.3 million stationery products
  • 4.4 million lighters
  • 7.3 million razors