Rational Pixel, RPx, is a new non-disruptive AD format for online videos. Our new advertising format incorporates a brand within a video as if it were there when the video was originally recorded.

Rational pixels have invented a new ad format. The product placement of the future has been invented: what kind of sense does it have that you, your mother and your cousin see the same ad at the bottom of that Netflix series that you love all three of you? This startup has developed a software that integrates in a natural way, ads, brands, logos or whatever is needed in online videos. Thus, Rational pixels helps brands and advertisers to monetize their content better. and to segment much better advertising, of course.

The founders, Rida and Vadim, are doctoral holders in computer vision. They met in 2013 when Vadim began his doctoral studies and Rida was finishing. They teamed up quickly and in 2015 decided to go ahead with the Rational pixels project. They spent 2 years very hard, and in 2017, they raised an “investment angel”y used the financing to successfully build the first version of the product along with the alignment of a important Editor to pilot.

Project objectives:

Search for corporates in the audiovisual sector: television networks with online content, online video platforms, etc.


The business of Rational pixels revolves mainly around the development of a technology that allows the creation of new advertising spaces within a video once it has been filmed, which allows us to access the digital video advertising space, which is Fast. These advertising spaces can be completed with a real-time and programmatic announcement. The same advertising space can be filled in a different way according to the viewer and necessary. This can be based on defined criteria such as age, geography, gender, etc. The
advantages of such technology are as follows:

  •  AD format not interrupted: Advertising does not interrupt the viewer to watch the video
  •  Guaranteed visualization: The Spectator cannot skip advertising or block it
  •  Create a new revenue source for publishers by increasing the

Advertising spaces: Multiple areas within a video available to advertise on moving items as well as static spaces.