SmartMonkey is an artificial intelligence Startup, which allows to perform intelligent logistics. How long are you going to lose today by calculating routes #optimization #bigdata #logistics #startup

Project objectives:

Visibility in sectors other than logistics and growth.

  SmartMonkey – Elevator Pitch:

All the places your company visits are important, regardless of size or location. It is also important that your company knows precisely where these places are. Currently, the majority of companies rely on the knowledge of their field team. Only they know exactly where the places they visit are. This makes it possible for companies not to achieve higher levels of efficiency, as well as to make decisions based on data. The goal of SmartMonkey is to change this dynamic. Our software is capable of digitizing knowledge and empowering the company to achieve success.

Our app for mobile devices:

Our mobile application integrates route optimization, task management, SmartMaps and SmartMonkey AI.

Tasks: Site management visited, real-time updatable, multiple tasks per visit, team members can complete tasks or pose a problem.

Integration of Smartmap:

Autonomous profiles: direct tracking via GPS.

Software able to learn from your business:

SmartMonkey software learns and grows your business by delivering value today and in the future. Our technology in artificial intelligence is able to solve deficiencies in the data, extract valuable conocomientos on its customers and reduce the time required in mechanical tasks of little added value.