TARGET This program is aimed at Startups and Corporates The main objective is to accelerate the growth of companies and beneficiary Start-ups.

If you are a start-up we can provide you with:
- Technical and market knowledge that will accelerate your success
- Ensure you grow through innovation and increase your credibility in the market
- A reliable partner to reach the market
- Staff and specialised teams within the corporation

If you are a company, a startup can provide you with:
- Disruptive Innovation
- A faster and agile model
- Structural and Government costs that are much lower in innovation
CORPORATE! Do you have an innovative spirit, and you see start-ups as technological partner to solve a present or future challenge? Are you looking for an impact on sales, with the collaboration of a start-up, who can help you achieve differentiation based on speed, agility, innovative disruption. This start-up can be the engine of the new competitive advantage
STARTUP! Do you need a reference company who will aid you in achieving high impact and growth? Well, if you have a minimum turnover of € 10,000 and are interested in a consolidated, complementary team that is looking for a win-win partnership with a high impact company in your short/medium term, which generates synergies that have an innovative character and market orientation.